Friday, July 9, 2010


World Cup 2010 almost finished with the last game between Holland & Spain on this Monday morning (Malaysian hour)

And I watched some matches between Holland & Spain during their journey to the Finals....and actually my prediction was wrong as I thought that Germany will meet Holland on the Final...

But anyway, anything can happen right....I got surprised at first game of Spain than been defeated by Switzerland and never crossed to my mind that Spain will fo to the Final after that 'tragedy' and actually Spain was my favourite team too...:)

The team also won over the Paraguay at quarter-finals with 1-0 only but when we look at Germany that beat England 4-1 and Argentina with 4-0, for sure u'll choose Germany will take place to the finals rite?

Now, all rumours had spreaded to all over world regarding on Octupus that named Paul..this Paul has made an early prediction regarding on which team will win the games and up until now all his prediction are correct!!!

For the finals, i wish that Paul will choose Spain again for the Finals but if Paul choose Holland, I'm sure all spanish will panicked and really hope that their team will win oven the Holland...I also hope that which ever country that Paul choose, either Spain or Holland, the other team will create history by taking over the country that Paul's choose and swap away all thoughts on Paul as a predictor!

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