Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pesta Floria 2011 Putrajaya

Hari ni nk update psl aktiviti last week...
Anis dgn family tlh pg ke Pesta Floria 2011
Mcm biase stiap kali ade je pesta bunge ke..tumbuhan ke confirm pgi!
And dis time nasib baik wat kt Putrajaya..
Dekat sgt dgn rmh kan,,,,hehehe
So pendapat anis ttg pesta tu sgt best!!
Sbb anis mmg ske sgt2 bunge...
Menurun dr parents kot...
Hee..but so far still xberani nk tanam bunge..
Takut mati...bazir je...hehe
Okeyla xmo celoteh byk2....
Anis de snap gbr tp mcm biasela...
Gne kamera hp je sbb kamera cggih adik anis xbwk!!
Haish rugi2...hehe so enjoy the pics!

Flower frame

nice colour combination

Bersama ayahanda tercinta

dlm gbr npk mcm semak tp sbnrnye cntek taw

Mr. Bee!

Fresh flowers!!!

Orked laa...!

Kipas susah mati Orchid!!!

Gile murah!! Mari! Mari!

P/s: gbr ditangkap gne hp camera, sorry due to low quality..

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Yeeaaay!! Dh lame sgt anis xjoin segmen abg Ben!
This time xmo lpaskan peluang...
Join segmen kritik-mengkritik!!
Hihi..utk para pengkritik, sila bg kritikan yg ikhlas ye!
Anis terima seadanya baik dan buruk kritikan u'all tu...
Be positive!!!

p/s: kwn2 yg lain nk join? klik kt header abg ben kt atas ni k..

Calon SPM! smbil berfb blh jgk blajo..hihi all SPM's candidate!!!

Now, uve more reason to stay online and connected with FB (despite of revising books)!!

All u have to do is juck click to the Tutor link and then u'll get more tips for ur upcoming SPM!!

So, what are u waiting for? Click now!!

Yearly Gathering!

Salam to all my followers!!!
Hee...recently I've attended a yearly gath wif my besties
at Papparich, Bndar Baru Bangi..
As usual we will plan our yearly gath to meet up and update some hot stories too!
Since my camera did not giving his full cooperation,
so i end up with only 3 pictures which i think better than other pictures
so, this is us, be friend since secondary school..
now, most of them had succeed in their own fields (mostly medic!)
and i hope this relationship will last forever...

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