Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Having muscle??

Thursday......17th July 2008.... it's the second week...can u imagine how fast the time is running out...huhuh...I just can't believe that I'm no longer at home....playing with my cats...oh God..i really miss them..huhuhu...

As usual....Thursday I'm having 3 classes in the morning....which are IBM 534, QMT429 and IBM 533....although there are only 3 classes but the books for today is juz like having 5 classes..huhuh..yep...and i'm not lying.. what ever it is...let me list u what kind of book that i must bring for tuesday...
  1. World Regional Geography (with hard cover)
  2. Quantitative Analysis Management
  3. International Business
  4. Compilation of Past Year books

Well...there's only for the let me list u what are inside my beg...

  1. Sweater..(compulsory...especially when i'm having class at 6&7)
  2. Mini towels or u can called it as extra large handkerchief..hehe
  3. My huge pencil case..
  4. My wallet
  5. Umbrella..(not the folded umbrella..but i'm bringing umbrella with the 'kaki')
  6. Note books
  7. Files for each subject
  8. Gloves
  9. Keys
  10. 2 handphones, when i total up all the books and stuffs that i bring for weighted up to 20kg!! Yeahh...i'm not kidding you...perhaps 1 day I can simply carry Beras Jati for 10kg..huhuhu..i said to Salsa who is my classmate as well as my housemate...we're building our muscle for everyday...we build muscle for our hand...and also muscle for our leg..hehehe...almost everyday we're walking from our house at Taman Bachang to KBM the end of semester...i believe..i'll be having muscles and afford to carry the heavier things than before..huhuh

But...the most important thing....i dont mind if ive to bring and carry heavy and heavier, i dont mind at long as i'm getting something new to learn...something that is really meaningful that never ever crossed my mind before....and i always pray to Allah help me in my studies...prevent me from anything negative that can disturb or distract me during my studies as well as my daily life....amiin....

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